Welcome to our new web site!

At Wiseman Consulting, we are dedicated to using state of the art methods, processes, and technology to help your organization achieve its full potential. So, we have spent the last few months making sure that our web site is up to date, informative, and useful to you. We offer the information here in the spirit of building a collaborative relationship with you where, together, we can achieve more collectively than we can individually.


For a summary of our services, please download our brochure.

WCT Digital Engagement Services for Libraries

Beginning in 2009, we are offering you the expertise of professionals with deep experience in digital engagement methods and technologies to help you make intelligent and strategic choices about new services to benefit your patrons, partners and staff.  More detail about our team and our underlying philosophy can be found at our Technology Services web page.  There are five areas where we think can make a positive difference to your digital engagement services.

5 Ways We Can Help

1. Evaluation of your digital technology needs and opportunities.
2. Build a digital technology strategy plan.
3. Digital Engagement training and custom staff days.
4. Teach about digital technologies for community building.
5. Strategies for managing change in the digital era.







Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide methods and services to non-profit organizations to enable them to be connected, engaged, empowered, and productive.

Sharon and Dan