At Wiseman Consulting, we are dedicated to using state of the art methods, processes, and technology to help your organization achieve its full potential. So, we have spent the last few months making sure that our web site is up to date, informative, and useful to you. We offer the information here in the spirit of building a collaborative relationship with you where, together, we can achieve more collectively than we can individually.

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The Strategic Tune Up - Getting Focused Fast

  • Gather a limited amount of critical and accessible data about the current set of organizational realities (performance metrics, existing plans, budget data, staffing levels, product/services inventory, staffing levels, customer data etc.). This data should available in existing reports or documents that can be readily found.
  • Identify the most critical environment factors requiring attention
  • Develop a list of the most important short and mid-term priorities (4-6 maximum) that are critical for the organizations success
  • Create a list of the 2-3 major projects, action items, or initiatives necessary to take action on the priorities. Identify implications for staff, technology, facilities, or products/services
  • Clarify accountability and metrics for the priorities
  • Create communication and implementation plans to act on the priorities.
  • Create review processes to update the priorities, projects, activities, and initiatives.


  • $1500 for pre-session materials, planning conference call, a one day retreat, and a follow-up conference call. 
  • Sessions requiring more than 3 hours of travel will entail an additional $500 travel fee.  Mileage, meals, and hotel expense (if necessary) will be billed at cost.  The organization is responsible for retreat expenses, printing of materials and strategic tune-up outcome materials.







Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide methods and services to non-profit organizations to enable them to be connected, engaged, empowered, and productive.

Sharon and Dan