Marketing Services

“Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.” by Philip Kotler
We are constantly marketing and communicating with others!! But what are we communicating? There are key marketing elements that you can address to better design your marketing communications:
• Product: Our library facilities, services, collections, staff, and programs
• Price: What is the level the community is willing to pay to support our product
• Place: Where our library delivers its services-our buildings and cyberspace (the
digital library)
• Promotion: How well our community and patrons understand who we are and what
we provide for them that they value!
People often confuse marketing communications and public relations. They are different! Public Relations has to do with how you communicate with your patrons and stakeholders. And, marketing has to do with how we align our products and services with your customer’s needs.
A good marketing campaign is consciously designed by using a structured approach to crafting the message and its communication. Our marketing process touches on these five key points:
1. Understand your community and patrons: Who are they, what’s important to them, what
are they willing to pay for or fund, and how do they want their services delivered?
2. Understand your product (Our facilities, staff, programs, services, culture, and brand).
How does it match up with what our community is asking for or needs? Make critical
changes in your processes, staff capabilities, and facilities and services where you can.
3. Create a long term plan to educate and inform the community and your patrons (current
and potential) about the library’s capabilities.
4. Get the word out in many formats (print, word of mouth, signage, website, email etc.)
5. Document results, celebrate successes, deal with issues, learn from the process and go
back to step one!

Representative Marketing Processes

  • Focus Groups and Interviews
  • Townhall and Large Group Meetings
  • Using Technology in Marketing
  • Understanding Your Website’s Presence
  • Best Practices in Using Web 2.0 Tools
  • Public Relations and Marketing Training
  • Measuring the impact of your Marketing Process
  • Developing Your Case Statement
  • Tying Marketing to Planning
  • Getting everybody Involved in Marketing







Dan and Sharon