Our History

WCT  began formally in June 1995 when Sharon Wiseman moved the Chicago area after serving with the Indiana State Library as its Associate Director for library Development.  She began working with libraries and library systems in Illinois immediately.  Dan while employed as a senior organization development professional at United Airlines,  began providing assistance as the scope of the projects grew over the next 6 years. In 2001 Dan left United Airlines and began working full time in the business. He built on the existing foundation Sharon had developed over the years.

New Programs and Services for Senior Adults

Workshops and presentations for the Senior Adult Community: 

  1. Finding meaning when everything is changing in my life
  2. Reimaging who I am and can be in the later years of my life
  3. I still want to be useful, but what do I do? Exploring encore work opportunities
  4. Dealing with my evolving psychological type using the MBTI
  5. Dealing with conflict and differences
  6. How gratitude and appreciation make life better
  7. What leads to happiness  and a positive sense of being
  8. Letting go and looking ahead
  9. What do I do when things are stressful
  10. Having fun even if I don’t want to or know how









Our Clients