Tom MacTavish

Tom is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Design, a graduate school of the Illinois Institute of Technology where he teaches Interaction Design graduate level courses such as Interactive Embedded Systems, Immersive Media, Interaction Design History, Mobile Solutions, and Persuasive Technologies.

Prior to joining ID, MacTavish had  30 years of research and development experience with Motorola and NCR Corporation where he held the position of Vice President and Director for research laboratories focused on human/computer interaction which included technologies such as multimodal interaction, tactile interfaces, visual communications, image understanding, and intelligent systems to create world class mobile phone, kiosk, and desktop applications.

Professional Offerings

Do you have a website that looks like a digital version of your brochure? Are you finding that your patrons are savvy about social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and that your web site is not connecting with them? Do you have a limited amount of 'click-through' for website functions, with most people browsing and abandoning their search for information? Now, WCT offers a new seminar and workshop that brings your clients and team members together to create successful digital engagements.

Persuasive Technologies: This seminar is offered to organizations that have an existing website and are seeking ways to refresh or update it so that it connects with their target audiences and engages them to reach their goals. Our seminar is based on the the principles of Aristotle's "Rhetoric" and ground breaking research conducted by BJ Fogg from Stanford University.

Ideation Workshop for Digital Engagements: Creating a new and compelling website does not require a stroke of genius, a bootleg project, or a geek hiding in the backroom. We use formal methods and processes to bring together diverse thinkers to refresh and re-invent your communications with your patrons. Learn about such methods as needs finding, persona development, scenario planning, and design synthesis and how they can be used to create rich and robust concepts for connecting with your community.