Ken Sepos

 Ken Sepos is a professional consultant who helps libraries, publishing firms, service bureaus, and others understand the technical challenges of digitization technologies, especially those related to book digitization.   An experienced sales and marketing management professional, Ken has held key positions with imaging technology companies such as Kirtas Technologies, Agfa Corporation, Intergraph, and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing and Kodak.

Professional Offerings

Are you managing your technology or is your technology managing you?  Assessing your requirements based on your strategic plan is the first step in any decision to install, update, or change any technology. Too often we rely on the technology vendors for advice, but they are not focused on aligning to your strategy. More often they are only focused on the “right now” issues.  You need smooth year-to-year transitions that keep your organization technologically current and yet avoid the need for large, painful, and expensive technology “lurches” just to catch up. 

An independent evaluation by WTC is needed to assess the technology you currently have and determine the subsequent steps needed to achieve the right tier of functionality and usability for the new technologies needed now and in the years ahead.  Print media, web, digitization, eBooks, and other technology choices all need to work together in your organization to create a digital ecosystem supporting your staff, your patrons, and your community at large.  An integral aspect of bringing in new technology is making sure it is timely, understandable, and appropriate. The parallel in the business world is Business/Technology Management

Technology change can be an extraordinarily stressful process.  Most organizations are staffed to operate and maintain the operations currently in place, not the new, project-oriented activities that technology shifts demand.  The work of managing the efforts needed for technology research, acquisition, and implementation always present an operational challenge if that effort is being drawn from your existing staffs’ current responsibilities.  Also, community building is an essential component to the success in your wider circle of influence throughout the community you serve.  Installing new systems without giving good thought to its perception and acceptance into that larger community is a recipe for disaster.  WTC provides the technology expertise needed to complement your staffs’ understanding of community needs to achieve an outcome that is beneficial to all.

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Ken Sepos