Our Partner Services

In order to provide organizations with the comprehensive service you need, we have engaged a variety of partners who share our business and service philosophy. Listed below are some of ways are partners may help you.  We are increasingly offering services to religious organizations in the areas of board development, marketing, planning and spiritual development. Another exciting area we bring to you is helping your organization with digital engagement strategies. This may involve website enhancement or how to digitize your collection. 

Partner Projects

Some of the areas we have collaborated include:

  • Sustainability in Organizations
  • Brand Marketing
  • Marketing and Communication in Religious Organizations
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Religious Leadership Training
  • Digitization Processes and Technology
  • Interaction Design and Technologies
  • Executive Recruting

This year, we are putting particular focus on:

  • Profound Pathways -- the art and practice of the sacred guide
  • Digitization -- capturing, converting and managing your information
  • Persuasive Technologies -- Improving your website's impact