Wiseman Consulting & Training Press Releases

We are an active organization and do our utmost to keep you informed of events of interest.

WCT Facilitates Prairie Area Library System Long Range Planning Process

Schaumburg, IL. May 2008.  PALS is one of the State’s 11 regional library systems.  They needed an energizing, engaging, and economical planning process. According to Robert McKay, Executive Director “We knew Dan and Sharon would do the job as we wanted it done”.  With funding limited the process needed to be expeditious.  Using its innovative direction setting methodology, WCT designed a process  that fully utilized PALS staff, members, and board input.   The process culminated in a day long strategic direction conference held at the Mendota Conference Center.  The outcome was a clear set of priorities that with a great buy in from members.  The Plan was formally adopted by the members on May 7th. As Robert McKay, says “They really pulled off the process and engaged our members”.

Wiseman Consulting Leads First ever Tennessee Library Continuing Education Summit

Schaumburg, IL March 2008. The State of Tennessee in a effort to make radical improvement in the delivery of much needed continuing education programs for librarians through out the state, engaged our services to bring together regional libraries, library trustees, public libraries, universities, and the Tennessee State Library on February 19-20, 2008 at state park outside of Nashville. According to Jane Pinkston, Asst. Director of Tennessee State Library, “the event succeeded beyond our wildest dreams”. Dan and Sharon really got us connected and energized”. The event helped set priorities, look at successful models, and define the key needs of continuing education for public librarians in the state.

WCT Engaged for Technology Governance Project.
Schaumburg IL., October 1, 2007 Dan Wiseman, Managing Partner, with Wiseman Consulting & Training (WCT) announced today the Lewis and Clark Library in Edwardsville IL has engaged their firm to help rebuild the Gatenet Library System Technology Governance. The project, Building a Shared Future, is designed to enhance the technology sharing capability of Gatenet to its school and public libraries.  With the advances in new technology, many of the bylaws, relationships with host agencies (Lewis and Clark), and communication channels have become strained. WCT will lead the project to include such key activities as member data gathering, the formation of a planning team, and the creation of specific improvement proposals.  “The project is in its final stages”, reports Dan Wiseman, the WCT engagement coordinator.  David Glick the Gatenet Technology Manager says ”the quality and specificity of the input is impressive and we are very pleased with the quality of the work and WCT’s guidance through this complex process”.
WCT Leads Staff Appreciation Day for Carmel Clay Public Library
Schaumburg IL., September 15, 2007. Wendy Phillips, Director of the Carmel Clay Public Library wants to provide an event for her library’s staff members to discuss the positive happenings of recent years and identify how to continue the energy that leads to consistently good results. Wiseman Consulting & Training (WCT) has been selected to deliver this special staff day in December of this year.  WCT will features a process called Appreciative Inquiry which helps energize and individuals through its focus on strengths, dreams, and hopes for the future. The day will include breakout sessions and well as large groups and individual exercises. Wendy Phillips says, “many of our staff members attended a conference WCT delivered in Indiana for support staff and really like the content and high degree of interaction. Now we want WCT to do this for all of our staff.” 
Wiseman Consulting & Training Leads Batavia Public Library District Planning Process
Managing Partner, with Wiseman Consulting & Training (WCT) announced today that his firm has helped the Batavia Public Library District update its long range plan.  The library is exploring how its space is used and how to reach out to new groups in this fast growing Fox River Community. Focus groups and a community survey were used to provide data to a community planning team.  WCT utilized the newly revised Public Library Association Service Responses in this process. Included on the planning team were a number of representative teens who were able to provide valuable insights. One teen, who is disabled, provided a window into mobility issues. “Helping a library determine its direction is a core service for us” quotes Dan Wiseman.