Technology Services

1. Objective Evaluation of your digital technology needs and opportunities.
2. Build a digital technology strategy plan.
3. Digital Engagement training and custom staff days.
4. Examine and learn about digital technologies for community building.
5. Strategies for managing change in the digital era.

Details -- How We Can Help You with Technology Services

1. An independent evaluation of your digital technology needs and opportunities is critical input for your strategic plans. We can accelerate your team’s effort to determine where to get started, how to make good choices,  and where to deploy your resources.

2. We can help you build a technology strategy plan for your library that is informed by the latest technologies and design strategies. We use methods for strategic direction setting as well as gathering data from all your stakeholders through direct interviews and focus groups.

3. Custom designed technology training and staff days:  Educating your staff and stakeholders is a way to begin to understand strategic approaches to digital engagement. We know the best practices for libraries and how to create engaging and practical learning programs for your staff. Consider our seminar in "Persuasive Technologies -- Improving your website's impact" and our workshop in "Using Ideation for refreshing your digital engagements."

4. Technology for Community Building: We can help you use digital and non-digital strategies to keep your staff and patrons informed and motivated.

5. Strategies for the Digital Era:  Make change is hard for many staff and patrons.  Moving to self service technologies and learning web 2.0 skills can be quite challenging and often emotionally wrenching.  We can help your library work through those issues with well conceived approaches to create staff buy-in and help your patrons use the technologies you have available for them.