Wiseman Consulting and Training Announces Completion of New Program for Leadership Training for Library Leaders on the Move

Schaumburg, IL, July 1, 2006 – Wiseman Consulting and Training (WCT) announced today that they recently completed development of their newest leadership training program, known as Transformational Interactive Leadership Training (TILT).Dan Wiseman, a Managing Partner and leader of the development project, says, “We are excited about this powerful course that enables librarians to benefit from leadership training customized to their specific needs. Library leaders, professionals with very specialized experience, are usually left with no choice but to get their leadership training through courses designed largely for corporate business managers, and that’s not good enough. We’ve changed that by creating a very strong leadership course from the ground up with input from hundreds of librarians that were used to drive the design process.  The first field tests of TILT were very favorable as well as extremely cost effective.  We used that field experience to fine-tune the program and ensure that the time and effort the participants invested in the program fulfilled their expectations and drove solid results. We received very positive feedback and exceeded their expectations.”

While TILT is particularly well suited to the needs of librarians working in small to mid-sized organizations, it is also works well in complex organizations. It is especially appropriate for those in supervisory positions or who have significant responsibilities in the library. The training is delivered in six one-day classes. Participants experience training in such areas as “Developing a Shared Vision”, Enabling Others to Act”, and “Encouraging the Heart”. They also complete a leadership project specifically for their library so that the leadership training results in rapid application of what the participants learn.

Sharon Wiseman, WCT founder and managing partner notes that, “We have incorporated leadership best practices and the training program is very application driven.  We believe in the learn-and-apply model. We also believe in creating a training atmosphere that is friendly, relaxed and interactive. We make sure that a bit of fun and heart-felt authenticity are core elements of how the program is delivered. After all, libraries are very special places and we recognize the unique calling of those who become exceptional library leaders.”  

About Wiseman Consulting and Training

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